Desert Blitz

Desert Blitz

An online strategy game, set in the near future


  • Will take up many hours
  • Complex


  • Lots of waiting
  • Dull visuals
  • No real personalization

Not bad
Desert Blitz is an online strategy game based in a fictional future, where countries unable to develop alternative energy are increasingly hostile to each other. Huge oil deposits have been discovered in a country called Rakistan, and your country has decided to enter, set up a base and take control.

This browser-based game has one main feature, and that is waiting. Every action you take has a cost in time. Build an oil drill, and you'll have to wait three or four minutes. This means you'll need lots of time and patience even to get started in Desert Blitz.

There's a long introduction that gets you building a base, and there's no room for personalization, you have to do what you're told, and wait for as long as the game asks. If you enjoy slow-paced games that you can play in the background, Desert Blitz may be your type of thing. Compared to typical strategy games, which are increasingly played in real time, Desert Blitz is very slow.

Desert Blitz can get quite complex, but it's very much a numbers game - there is no skill involved, just waiting until you have big enough numbers to achieve something. The sound and graphics are nothing special, although there is some animation to make it a bit more interesting.

Desert Blitz is an incredibly slow and frustrating game, that is great at time-wasting .

Desert Blitz


Desert Blitz

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